Isaac Bashevis Singer’s “The Son from America” [Bundle] is asking your students to put their heritage over their money. It’s amazing!

This THE SON FROM AMERICA [BUNDLE] product allows students to look at themselves and our society. 145+ Slides, Several projects, Group Activities, Graphic Organizers, TASK CARDS assignments, Reader Response, Quizzes: Short Responses and Multiple Choice are activities in this product. This narrative encourages insightful responses from work. 10th – 12th Graders will love this prose and product. Check itContinue reading “Isaac Bashevis Singer’s “The Son from America” [Bundle] is asking your students to put their heritage over their money. It’s amazing!”

6 Practical Classroom Management tips for you!

Originally posted on The Angry Teacher:
First, let me tell you that YOU GOT THIS! Managing a class of students for the first time this year or the first time in your career can be stressful, tricky, and nerve-racking! However, it is completely possible! I’ll tell you how. Before we get started, you should know…


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‘Tis the Summer! Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to use our free time and get our health to where it needs to be! We can’t blame COVID anymore, we can’t blame work anymore; we’ve got to move our bodies to the next level! Let’s do it!

I work out 4 -5 days a week @ 3:00 in the morning! Yes, you read it right: 3:00 IN THE MORNING! 🙂

What’s your workout regimen?

Another Set of Graduates Out of the Building! Congrats Class of 2021!

So we’re in June, and most of us are done for the year. For us in South Florida, we’ve just sent off our most recent graduates! It was a rough 2020-2021 school year, but these superstars figured it out and made us all proud! I love my students!

They met the challenge head on and did great!

What amazed you about your students this year?

First Day of School for New Teachers

So you’ve been hired and you have no idea what you just signed yoursefl up for. Now the nerves are kicking in and you’re worried about the kids you’ll have, the paperwork that’ll be thrown at you, and so on. Yes, you’ve heard the stories!

Well, I’m here to help! There are 4 things to have in place or do, as you step into this role as NEW teacher.

STEP 1: Be There!

Get to the building before the students. It eliminates nervousness and stress, as they won’t be on your heals, as you turn the keys to your new classroom.

Organize your space – know where you want everything and how you want everything to be situated. Pencil sharpener – check! File folders – check! Favorite classroom rug – check! Be comfortable in the space! Hey, you created it! Make it where you are calm and happy in the space.

Be in the moment – leave your issues and arguments, heartbreak and heartache at home! At least for the first week, give those students your undivided attention. 🙂

Have positive expectations! Yes, some things may go wrong, but things could also go right. Don’t stress yourself out by catastrophizing the negatives that may or may not happen! Just stay positive!

STEP 2: Manage Your Space!

Have a lesson plan or an agenda! As Alan Lakein stated, “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.” Get your ideas for your first day down on paper or on the board to keep both you and your students focused; this eliminates most of your nervousness. Even if you bump into a desk, you’ll still be able to carry-on with the lesson.

Be Organized! When administration wants attendance done, when little Johnny throws up from First Day jitters, you still know where the lesson stopped and where you need to continue. Be organized!

Navigate your space! I do it! Those teacher planning days before the school year begins, after I’ve done the obligatory classroom decorations, I sit in the furthest seat, the closest seat to the door, the teacher’s desk to see just how my students will see the board, how they’ll see my desk, etc. I walk from the door to the furthest seat to see the average time,; I navigate from the pencil sharpener to the word wall in the back. Navigate the space, so you’ll feel how your students will feel.

STEP 3: Be The Expert!

Practice! Practice! Practice! If you think students are push overs so you don’t have to know what you’re talking about, then you have another thing coming. Know what you have to teach, practice your delivery if you need to. Our students deserve your best, and not just what you can give after barely looking at the lesson minutes before you started class.

Know the levels of your students. Is Johnny reading on grade level? Is Mary reading on level or below? Know how you should deliver your lessons; know what delivery to perform.

STEP 4: Develop a Teacher Identity!

Know who you want to be! Have an idea about the teacher you want to be for your students. Think about the teacher you liked in school or didn’t like in school. Will you be the eternally late teacher or the one who gets there extremely early? Will you be the teacher who is dapperly dressed or the one ho drags on flip flops daily? Will you be the cold-hearted, strict teacher or the nurturing, caring educator?

As you walk into your classroom at the end of August, know that you’ll be in charge of little bodies and minds. You can do this because you’ve prepped for it! Go out there and be great! Know that I’m here for you, if you need it.

Drop me an email and we’ll walk you through it. Plus, I’ll send you a FREEBIE to help you through that first day/week!

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