It’s APRIL – SPRING & POETRY are in the Air!

Spring, happiness and celebration because it’s time for POETRY!

Hey Angry Teachers,

Yes, it is April – Spring and Poetry are in the air!

To celebrate this season of change, check out my HOW TO TEACH POETRY” video. Free to YOU my wonderful followers!

Then, when you want to tackle some wonderful poetry, either for you or your students, check out the poets and activities below.

This week my students and I have been working on Thomas Hardy’s “The Man He Killed” and “Ah, Are You Digging on My Grave.” My students have been having a ball all week, trying to figure out each poem as we use our LITERARY and PARTICIPATION Chart in our classroom discussions! Fun times!

These poems below will also definitely get your classrooms a-buzzing with insightful discussions about poetry and more!

Poets and Poetry to check out this April!

There’s so much more, but I don’t want to overwhelm you because I GO CRAZY OVER POETRY that gets KIDS TALKING ABOUT LIFE AND THEIR WORLD!

Enjoy Spring through Poetry, fellow Angry Teachers!

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