It’s always a good thing to get a comment or review on a product. Customers let you know exactly how they feel about their purchase, and that tells you two things: (1) my product is great! I need to make more just like it, or (2) my product needs work. I will need to revamp or avoid making others like it.

With that said, sometimes customers to do not use all that’s available to them to properly assess a product before they make a product or leave a comment or review. This is why I’ve made this blog post.

If we know anything about TeacherspayTeahcers, we know that descriptions and previews are always available. So it was amazing to me that a few weeks ago, I was left a product review where the customer said “the product wasn’t what she thought it was.”

That’s when I thought I had to create a Youtube Video [see below] to help customers (future and present) understand what a LESSON ACTIVITIES product is.

A LESSON ACTIVITIES product is a document [PowerPoint or PDF] that identifies several activities for teachers to use with their classes. Once they’ve read a literary piece, they can choose any one of the activities to inform, educate, motivate, or entertain students.

The activities range from Background information on writer or time period of the piece, vocabulary, social media, creative art assignments, group projects to individual work and projects and exams and quizzes.

Indeed, these ARE NOT LESSONS! I do not want to throw a whole lot of standards, objectives, and formats at you. I work in an Inner city school where our District is constantly pushing into our classes and dictating to us on what AND how to teach little Mary and Joseph in our classrooms; I’m not that guy!

My LESSON ACTIVITIES is for you to use at YOUR discretion.

If you are a seasoned teacher who needs to spruce up your lessons, adding new activities to something you always teach, then MY LESSON ACTIVITIES Product is for you. You may DIFFERENTIATE activities for your classrooms and, once again at your discretion. Some of these products have anywhere from 25 – 40+ assignments, you may choose any one activity in any order you wish!

If you are a brand spanking new or novice instructor, then these also work for you. If you were given lesson plans and now you need to hold students accountable for their part of the learning or you need to add activities so you won’t lose their interest, then these LESSON ACTIVITIES products work for you as well. Activities will range from puzzles to research to story maps to literary criticisms and more.


What my LESSON ACTIVITIES product is NOT is a pay-by-play of how your class will run. I’ve always been prided and I pride myself on interacting with my students, so I create these products on that premise: YOU WILL HAVE TO INTERACT WITH YOUR STUDENTS.

I make suggestions, but as you work with Mary and Martha in front of you daily, you know what types of activities will or will not work for you OR them. So I basically give choices.

If your students are good enough writers and you do not need to gauge their comprehension of the text that way, then give them a social media recordgin, group poster project, or an interview assignment to test their learning. You have to know what’s going on in your classroom and who the students are in it.

That’s what my LESSON ACTIVITIES are about – teachers who need that added bit of assistance getting their lessons to the next level, so that it will spur student engagement and spark their creativity…and YOURS!

Also, check out the video that delineates WHAT LESSON ACTIVITIES are and HOW to use ’em!

If you are curious to see what these are, check out my teacherspayteachers store and these products below: