Are You Sitting Under the Shade of a Tree?

Learning from other’s hard work is key! Walking in the footprints of those who have paved the way for us is something that we need to do.

Let’s go ahead and enjoy what’s already been done for us in the past.

We have to be grateful for what we have, for how much less we have to do to be successful because someone else did all the research, the work, and left a legacy for you to follow.

It’s amazing how much we can soar when we allow ourselves to learning from the mistakes and/or lessons that we learn from being under someone’s “shade of a tree.”


1 thought on “Are You Sitting Under the Shade of a Tree?”

  1. At first, I thought it’s to escape the heat or just enjoy a moment under a wonderful shaded tree. It’s actually even better after reading your post. Totally agree. If only many of us see, appreciate and use to our advantage the blessings of experiences , wisdom and knowledge of others , we all will have amazing, prosperous life , communities, even the entire planet.

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