This THE SON FROM AMERICA [BUNDLE] product allows students to look at themselves and our society. 145+ Slides, Several projects, Group Activities, Graphic Organizers, TASK CARDS assignments, Reader Response, Quizzes: Short Responses and Multiple Choice are activities in this product. This narrative encourages insightful responses from work. 10th – 12th Graders will love this prose and product. Check it out!


Isaac Bashevis Singer’s “The Son from America” is a short story in which Samuel, the protagonist’s son, returns to Lentshin, Poland, the village where his parents live, from America. While there, he learns that not everyone needs money to be happy. Cultures clash and heritage questioned, as this family’s future lays on the line.

This 10th – 12th grade canonized work allows students to look at themselves and and their heritage and backgrounds.