Encouraging Responsibility in Students

Yes, taking responsibility and developing these skills are needed today!

The Angry Teacher

So I had a conversation with some teachers in my building and some were stressed out, as we all are. So we were all comparing our reasons for the stress; these reasons stemmed from belligerent students and their parents, tone-deaf administration or more district expectations without compensation or caring. With that said, what a few of the teacher then commented, threw me for a loop.

It was at the end of the grading period, and one teacher said, she had to start filing all the students’ assignments in their classroom folders. I was like “What?!” But, that wasn’t even the clincher!

Another teacher chimed in, “I know right. I’ve gotta get that done today!”

Laides and Gents, I have a problem with teachers filing students work themselves, and here’s why: we need to teach students to be responsible.

I chalked it up to these teachers not knowing better, so I…

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2 thoughts on “Encouraging Responsibility in Students”

  1. I’m kind of horrified that kids need telling to do any of those things. My 10 yr old brings his spellings book back and forth, and looks after his own comprehension folder and book. When I was at high school I had a big folder for each of my main subjects at A Level (age 16-18), each with notes, essays, course work etc stored together. How is the act of knowing where your pieces of paper with your work on too much for some students?Sorry, that’s a bit ranty, I’m not a teacher but both my parents were and I’m sure they’d be similarly surprised.

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    1. lol. I agree. Some students need the reminder and extrinsic motivation to soar. Happily, we were fortunate, and my father did not even finish school. I try to encourage students’ greatness, but it is definitely going to be through their hard work and personal responsibility. Thanks for your insight!


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