So this happened recently. I created a product based on something I’ve used in my classes for years.

My students and I discuss literature through literary devices and figurative language as any English or Literature class. We would play games, work assignments, complete worksheets, and engage in heated discussions on why an author used a particular devices versus another; it is always a fun time!

Students working on Literary Devices and Figurative Language

So this product [LITERARY DEVICES FLASH & TASK CARDS [SERIES#1] was created way back in the when I started my The-Angry-Teacher-Store, so it is a product that helped to start the store and my business career. (Oh, you see what I did with the name of this blog and the title of the product?) CRAZY PUNNY!

Can you imagine how flattered I was when someone purchased a copy last week? Yes, now I was nervous, so I checked to see if the product was good enough to be bought, since at the time it was made, I had no idea what I was doing. 🙂

I opened that old product up and WHALA! IT’S AMAZING!

300+ SLIDES, OVER 50 Literary devices and figurative language, each has a definition, black and white and numbered versions, with 1 to 2 activities/questions each (so that’s a ton and hours of academic interactions with your students. I mean, seriously, when my customer bought this awesome product, I was beside myself with glee – giddy as I could be.

Oh, and I forgot, it’s alphabetized for ease of navigation and it even has SUGGESTED USES – Ideas for how to use this massive tool every English classroom should have!

I mean…this is just fantastic stuff! Pick yours up today!

Check it out!

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