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Surprise, celebration and happiness for teachers, parents and guardians as we step into FEBRUARY! IT’S TIME FOR FREE STUFF!

Hey Angry Teacher Fam,

As we come to the end of FEBRUARY the month of BLACK HEROES and LOVE, it is now the month of THE ANGRY TEACHER STORE FREEBIES! PICK UP A FREEBIE [OR MORE] TODAY!

I know times are rough for teachers and parents or guardians everywhere, so I wanted to remind each of you that you can still educate and reach your little student in our uncertain society; I’m looking out for you!

Here are some FREE Products and Teaching tools to use all this month. You are appreciated! (**Also don’t forget the value of my Youtube channel tips, tricks, entertainment, and ideas for you, your little student, and your classroom; I really want to see you thrive!)


I’m glad you were able to find something that you deserve! You need to be celebrated as you teach and reach young minds. This may not be a whole lot, but it’s something I felt I had to bring to your attention; we are all in this together!

Enjoy, Angry Teacher Family!


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