I use these all the time. Strapped for a lesson? Last minute activities for those overachievers? Use these!

The Angry Teacher

So we want to get our students thinking critically and intelligently.

Heck! We want them to think!

It would be amazing if after our insightful, in-depth, meticulously planned and executed, creatively fun and engaging lesson, students were chomping at the bit to learn more about or from our stimulating class lesson.


I know I’ve sat at the end of the day of a new lesson and wondered “What the heck happened?” “This played out so much better in my head.”

Yes, even the dreaded self-deprecating thought of “It must be me, not them” creeps in.

I’ve been there and never want to go back to beating up on myself while letting my students down.

It was during these reflective moments that I developed the coolest thing ever!

A product that allows students to be creative, think independently, relieve worn-out teachers, and all having fun at the same time.

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